e1 art gallery opens in April 2016 with the effort of the Ghavimi family.
e1 art gallery has in perspective to be in service of art and humanity and open new doors to the wonders of the world (via culture and art)
The goal of this establishment is to introduce & support young immerging artists & also shows our appreciation to the art of the masters; we believe that the relation between the artist and the gallery is a mutual relationship and a group effort.
Alongside supporting art & artists, all the earnings of e1 art gallery goes to charity and humanitarian activities.

We also try not to only limit our activities inside of Iran but also expand our goals on an international scale.

At the end we believe that supporting an artist is not only to purchase his artworks but also to support hours of trial & error; supporting all his moments of joy and sadness, and to understand the artistic soul blown into every one of his artworks.


At e1 art shop we offer a vast selection of original handmade artworks such as handmade jewelry, pieces of clothing, unique art books and special home accessories. It’s a cozy little space on the lower floor of e1 art gallery.