E1 Deux

E1 Deux is a space at the heart of E1 Gallery, yet with a different approach.
We believe that improvements have been accelerating and every day we witness that the Contemporary Art is interfusing various genres and abstract shapes more than ever before and is still striving for more trial and error.
Concepts, interpretations, and the presentation of the arts are continuously developing and there is no way but to admit that the connections among body, mind, experience, performance and expression do need to go hand in hand with all the changes happening around, or else, we may not be able to follow the traces of the so-called fast-moving train of the contemporary art.
Bearing that in mind, E1 Gallery is aiming at creating an ambiance where all clichés and routines are put aside, so that both the artist and the art-enthusiast (art-lover) could rejoice.
We proudly seek to exhibit the works of modernist and deconstructive artists who belong to the fourth generation of our contemporary art and are representing their body of work in a variety of modern forms (from Conceptual art, Video Art, Installation, Performance art, to Digital art).
Let us keep our hopes high for a world in which we can revitalize the existing backgrounds and grant them a more magnificent look.