Maryam Iman


Maryam Iman

• 1983, Kerman, IRAN
• Artist


• BA in painting

• Upcoming Solo Exhibition / e1 Art Gallery | May 26 2023

Iman is a graduate of the art of painting. She began her artistic career with sketching and gradually transitioned to various forms of painting and artwork. Her resume includes
several collective exhibitions in Iran and a solo exhibition in France.
In recent years, she has taken an interest in philosophy and is now studying philosophy of art. Her artworks have been born through interaction and dialogue with nature and the
environment. Following her passion for travel, she journeyed throughout Iran and continued her voyages after she immigrated to France. These experiences have profoundly affected her point of view as an artist. The manifestation of this influence is visible in her large format and colourful work on crumpled fabric canvases.
Iman's artwork and artistic perspective are in touch with contemporary art movements. Her focus on nature and the environment as current concerns of widespread and tangible effects worldwide, accompanied by her choice of technique and execution context have permitted her to create up-to-date and impressionable works.
These works resemble grand landscapes that have been visualized in three dimensions,
whilst also carrying expressive signs that are abstract, interpretable and narrative.