Tania Asl


Tania Azizi Asl

• 1984, Tehran, IRAN
• Visual artist


• BA in animation film making


• Upcoming Solo Exhibition / e1 Art Gallery | May 26 2023
• Hoorno / Inja Art Gallery | 2021
• The Azure Dome / Inja Art Gallery | 2019


• Shirin Art Gallery | 2014


• In traditional Iranian architecture, HOORNO is defined as lighting provided through the ceiling. This series consists of seven works, all designed and created with this concept as their central theme.
In continuing with the theme of domes, she has created “HOORNO”, now focusing on shadows more than light itself.
In this regard, Tania states, “Through instantaneous changes, mirrors let in the element of time and, in interacting with their environment, expand their surface onto what surrounds them. Shadows are a response to the spatial and temporal status of objects, adding visual depth to volumes
. Here, my main focus is on the occupation space. Besidestheir numerous visual dimensions, my objects are empty inside; a lively and engaging non-visible existence which creates a space of
matter and nonbeing through reflections and shadows.”


• Tania Asl (Azizi ASl) (b.1984) is an irania artist sculptor. she live in Tehran and has a BA
in Animation Filmmaking from the Iran University of Broadcasting (Soroush) .
Prior to her studies, she was active as a painter and also worked professionally as a graphic designer.