Group Painting Exhibiton

June 9th - 23rd 2017

Abstract art forms itself in frontiers beyond the borders of the objective truth, a pattern unlike irrelevant relevance of life, through the filters of the eyes of the artist. Something like watching clouds, as an amorphous dream, where shapes of familiarity are observed, neglecting the fact that the clouds bear rain within. Abstract art is an inner dialect, a personal view, that appears only in the form of space, color and shape; away from dos and don’ts, free from barriers and verbal and visual prophecies. In the abstract domain, the artist defines himself by resorting to his needs, memories and emotional attachments, free from the intuition requirements of the audience, creating a new external realm from the inner self. Here the viewer extends himself, in the direction of the artist’s interpretation; just like comprehending a poem in a foreign language, and that understanding is not only possible by words but by feeling and sensing the sounds of the words. Abstract art has been part of Iranian art for some sixty years and using native colors and familiar forms, it has turned into an exclusive patent. “Borderlessness” invites you to see the reflecting visual inner dialect of several well-known Iranian abstract artists. | Parham Didehvar