Looking Through Nature

Solo Exhibition by Ahmad Vakili

21 April - 5 May 2017


Loving the nature and being impressed by its beauties and delicacies is not just my recent concern. I have been enjoying this relation and its revelations for years.
Different climates in Iran is my most highlighted motive to discover this point; let alone the character of a tree whose life span has amazed me, or the sound of the wind whispering through the leaves...
Landscape painting, a field which has been researched at school; alas, this point of view being itself an apprentice.
The artist, studying the appearance and forms to discover the spirit of objects, aiming to figure out their hidden mysteries, is experiencing poetry. Being an intermediate transferring their delicacy; not only committed to the originality but also experiencing their eternal essence and concepts over again.
The relation between human and nature is irrefrangible and human’s dignity to respect nature is evidence of his wisdom.