Nader Davoodi with one less “O”

Solo Exhibition by Nader Davoodi

2-16 February 2018


As the name of the exhibition states, something is missing. What's missing is focus and harmony in the collection of the photos you will see. Similar to the curious and restless mind of the photographer. For someone who is now in his 4th decade of photography, looking back and choosing a collection of photos to exhibit is as difficult as the anticipation of the day to come when the selection will take place.
Documentary photography, news photography, reportage photography, and after gaining some experience the ability to manipulate reality to define something using photos, were all experiences that became the entirety of my purpose in life during different stages; more so than them being my job or intent. As such, the best description for this exhibition is a collection of unrelated photos whose only common denominator is the photographer. Some of them are very old, dating back to the pre-digital era, and some are very recent - as recent as a few months ago. It is safe to assume that this collection contains the fruits of every stage of my life and its experiences.