Shadow of Silence

Painting Exhibition by Prof. Hormoz Mehmanesh

12 _ 26 May 2017


Shadow of Silence
Paintings in which color and shapes reflect memories and brimful imaginations. Humans, birds and trees accompanied by strokes and colors gather around in a diverse mixture.
It has been years that Prof. Hormoz Mehmanesh paints alongside his professional practice. Being one of the few heart robotic surgeons and one of the elites of his field, he paints in a self-taught manner. For him it is an ontological practice and the reason why his subjects are full of memories, questions, concerns & dreams.
Although his works are diverse and full of experimentation, we can always see the human, tree and bird figures; The link between the earth and the sky, and the discovery of combinations through the paint materials giving the uniqueness to his works.
Mehmanesh uses color as a representation and in a symbolic way which makes his works not being an imitation of modern expressionism movement but can be considered alongside avant-garde artists such as (Francesco Clemente) and (Mimmo Paladino).
The representative part of these paintings gives them a revelational and expressive aspect while an orginal joy and a discovered universe accompanies the spectator throughout these last. Painting is a boiling instinct for the artist, hence the importance of exhibition his art in the current climate where the different reasons of creating an art piece sometimes deface its freedom and uniqueness.
This collection reflects a drowning into the joy and the discovery of art, this time from a window of thoughts and the point of view of some one who doesn’t see painting as a saleable or offerable object.
These artworks are the eruption of a joyful and creative mind which recorded moments and emptied concerns, and after many years e1 art gallery is exhibiting a collection of them.
Behnam Kamrani