The Veil of Thoughts

Photo exhibition by Emitis Soltani (Abbassioun)

26 Aug. - 14 Sep. 2016

I always considered the women’s veil as something far more significant than a piece of clothing or a cover, while the phenomenon that we know as Woman is the tale of a beautiful & pure creation; where at it’s extreme takes the veil of thoughts further than a simple veil.

This collection is not an interpretation, nor a critic explication. This photo series is the result of my thoughts and the tale of my imagination & concern during a ten-year period. Woman, pure & worthy being dignified in this creation as first a lady & then becoming a mother.

I researched women in Persian literature either as rulers in the mythology (Shahnameh) or when she becomes a coquettish & a cupbearer in the middle age literature. The Nastaligh calligraphy is the only symbol to my eyes comparable to women’s story, so my exploring thoughts used elements of it to link & to put it alongside my concern on the subject. Both sourced in a pure & enriched narration of this beautiful, fragile & pure phenomenon.

My experience from the different eras of my education at London school of Fashion (affiliated to the University of the Arts London) gave me perfect tools so I could use to codify & compile my thoughts into my art alongside my professional career.